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Get to know your candidates

The Republican Conventions are coming in May and it is time for our elected Guilford delegates to vote to endorse candidates for the US Senate, US house of representatives, state senate, and state house.  It is time to get to know our candidates and chose those that can best represent our party and values.  Here are some links to follow to learn more.


What is at stake

Everything! Harmful policies under Governor Lamont and the Democratic lead General Assembly continue to impact our lives in adverse ways.

The Connecticut Republican Party has a fantastic slate of candidates that are prepared to put the citizens of Connecticut first! It's time for change. It's time for a government that allows our state to be affordable and safe for its citizens. We need strong fiscal management and government accountability and these are the leaders our state needs to help make that happen.

Learn About Our Exceptional Candidates

The 2022 slate of candidates are passionate about their citizens and the future of our state. They are dedicated to seeing Connecticut return to a state of fiscal strength, a place of safe communities, and to a government that is honest and accountable. 


Visit their campaign sites to read their biographies and find out what they stand for, see their qualifications, and learn why they’re running for office.

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Guilford Voter Information

Find the information you need to register, see where you need to go to vote, plus other important links.

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