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A strong community like Guilford is not merely a collection of individuals but a cohesive entity built on a foundation of trust, respect, effective communication, active participation, resilience, and social responsibility. There is an adage that a community draws strength through its diversity; however, a community’s strengths are often tested and divided by the political process.

As our community prepares for the November elections, I am reminded of the words of Condoleezza Rice: “There’s no greater challenge, and there is no greater honor than to be in public service.” Unfortunately, the nature of politics today has devolved into a divisive mess of attacks, not only tarnishing the great honor of service but also decreasing the willingness of individuals to participate.

Our community discourse in Guilford is now governed by a groupthink ideology devoid of diversity of thought and ideas. Individuals bold enough to question the groupthink position on moral, philosophical, or even factual principles are effectively deleted and subjected to irrelevance, ridicule, and public harassment.

Guilford needs to embrace not only individual diversity but the strength found in the diversity of thoughts and ideas. Diversity of thought sparks creativity and encourages innovative thinking.

The Republican Town Committee (RTC) seeks different viewpoints and challenges conventional wisdom. We strive to innovate with fresh solutions and increase the individual sense of inclusion and engagement across the entire Guilford community.

Are you the next great community leader we are looking for? If you want to make Guilford a stronger community based on the principles of parental rights, individual freedom, and fiscal conservatism, we are the RTC, and we invite you to join us if you care about making Guilford a stronger and more vibrant community.

The caucus is on Monday, July 24, at 7:30 pm at the Community Center. For more information, email

Nick Cusano


Nick Cusano is the chairman of the Guilford Republican Town Commitee

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